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Раздел о заработке на криптовалюте, инвестировании, торговле и прочие инструменты инвестирования в криптовалюту.
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Заработок на межбиржевом обмене

Имеет: цифровую интеграцию и активные аккаунты агентов-партнеров более чем на 50 биржевых рынках.

Использует: разницу цены между двумя или более рынками, при заключении комбинаций совпадающих сделок, которые извлекают выгоду из баланса, а прибыль представляет собой разницу между рыночными ценами.

Координирует: контрактацию с физическими лицами в 23 странах и корпоративный международный мерчант, который обеспечивает транзит с минимальной комиссией.

один оборот 3-4 часа (зависит от скорости транзакций)
прибыль у меня где-то от 0.5 до 1.5%(Зависит от цен на биржах)
очень удобный инструмет

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Re: Заработок на межбиржевом обмене


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In the Middle East, there is a very special nation. Although they once had their own country in history, most of the time they lived a floating life. However, even so, it has not beenmerged by other ethnic groups. At the same time, when people mention them, the first reaction is that this is a nation gathered by the rich.

In this nation where the rich gather, there is a young man known for his madness. His name is Larry Page.

Crazy Larry Page

Maybe you haven't heard the name Larry Page, but you must know Google. This ambitious company has many cutting-edge technology subsidiaries and is involved in some projects that are full of future sense, such as Google Glass, driverless cars, artificial intelligence AlphaGo, etc. that you have heard of, and its market capitalization has exceeded $500 billion.
It was Larry Page who created this great company, but he commented on Google. "You may think that Google is very good, but I still think it is rotten." Larry Page, who does not follow the common sense. Qi can be said to be an uncompromising challenger. The son of the University of Michigan, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Science and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University, is not only an IQ, but his wealth is also ranked among the top ten billionaires in the world.

"If you don't do something crazy, you may have made a mistake." Over the years, under the leadership of Larry Page, Google has succeeded in achieving a number of incredible crazy ideas. From Google search, Google Maps, Google Glass, Android to driverless cars, alternative energy, and with ambitious dreams, Larry Page has turned it into gold that has created many great products for Google.

Barron's Weekly once commented on him.
He said that after he dies, he would not donate money to non-profit charities, but to an innovative company or person, such as Elon Musk , CEO of Tesla Motors and Space X and Chairman of SolarCity. Larry Page believes that companies like Tesla Motors will bring greater benefits to mankind.

Is this not his other madness?
Crazy Jewish Saint JT Innovated Blockchain 4.0 Technology

The Jewish crazy genes have also been injected into the world of blockchains. Throughout every technical iteration of the blockchain, the efficiency has been improved overall. The efficiency of the blockchain 3.0 is several times higher than that of the blockchain 2.0 era, but the efficiency of 3.0 is still difficult to meet the needs of the current market.

Based on this, the Jewish saint JT team inherits the wisdom of the Jewish people's constant innovation, in-depth research and development of the fourth-generation blockchain technology, achieving a major breakthrough in transaction speed, more than a thousand times more than the former, large throughput and scalability, can Let the blockchain become the infrastructure of every industry, thus broadly changing people's lifestyles and accelerating the arrival of blockchain society.

Not only that, the Jewish saint JT team also created an encrypted asset called Jewish merchant AJM based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology. Its technical advantages are mainly reflected in: Ai enhanced cross-chain technology architecture, distributed secure storage, data is not tampered with, anonymous trading, lightning network, open third-party ecosystem and so on. Based on the new financial business model, through the integration of payment settlement and UT/ST dual-token issuance, the digitization or programmization of currency, securities and banking services can be realized, and get through the way of funds into the real economy. In the future, AJM will realize a decentralized consensus ecosystem, become the most powerful free financial business system and global private social network in history, promoting the revolution of bockchain reform and corporate governance, and innovating the global digital economy!

It can be seen that "no madness,no survival", only by paying for it wholeheartedly, and constantly innovating and changing can keep up with the wave of the times and create brilliance! So, now, when the blockchain is booming, seize the key to the opportunity and join the ranks of AJM, and go crazy for the future!

The road from bronze to the king has never been uneven. Only when you choose the right road, you can become a cryprinus carpiod that is loved by the lucky God. Join AJM and become the master of wealth and become the overlord of the future world!

The following is telegram groups of AJM project, welcome to the groups!

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Re: Заработок на межбиржевом обмене

Подскажите, как сортировать, выявлять прибыльные обмены.
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Re: Заработок на межбиржевом обмене

а почему этот лохотрон не в хайпах?
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Re: Заработок на межбиржевом обмене

Сообщение от grozotop Посмотреть сообщение
а почему этот лохотрон не в хайпах?
а почему лохотрон?
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