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Сообщения прочитаны и/или просмотрены Сегодня, 20:51
Старый 01.02.2007, 10:50
Регистрация: 06.10.2006
Сообщений: 285
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Кто-нибудь может сказать, сколько вам начислили процентов за февраль?
Да вроде сегодня только 1 февраля
за январь начислено +17.55% , 3 дня было минусовых, 6 дней админ не работал
kulbic вне форума  
Старый 01.02.2007, 12:16
Участник MMGP.RU
Имя: Алексей
Пол: Мужской
Возраст: 36
Адрес: Россия, Москва
Инвестирую в: Свой бизнес
Регистрация: 07.07.2006
Сообщений: 9,618
Благодарностей: 13,772
Записей в блоге: 3
УГ: 2
награды За особые заслуги Старый писака Волшебный горшочек 
Сообщение от kulbic Посмотреть сообщение
Да вроде сегодня только 1 февраля
за январь начислено +17.55% , 3 дня было минусовых, 6 дней админ не работал
ой, прошу прощения, конечно же, за январь.
mysilver вне форума  
Старый 01.02.2007, 12:59
Регистрация: 15.12.2006
Сообщений: 97
Благодарностей: 52
УГ: 0
КП: 0.000
всё таки странно, почему средний плюсовой процент обычно 1-2, а как минус так сразу по 4-5. наверняка кореец мудрит что-то ))
dekpitty вне форума  
Старый 05.02.2007, 10:09
Регистрация: 16.11.2006
Сообщений: 23
Благодарностей: 2
УГ: 0
КП: 0.000
Сообщение от dekpitty Посмотреть сообщение
всё таки странно, почему средний плюсовой процент обычно 1-2, а как минус так сразу по 4-5. наверняка кореец мудрит что-то ))
Потомучто в игре ежедневно не более 5% всех денег. Проиграть их все нетрудно, а выиграть сложнее. Т.е. реально он в день делает 20-40% от рабочего капитала.
Если хочешь больше % и у тебя есть от $1000 до $20000, то он может поиграть на всю твою сумму. Рискуешь соответственно тоже всем.

madgold вне форума  
Старый 15.02.2007, 17:10
Регистрация: 16.11.2006
Сообщений: 23
Благодарностей: 2
УГ: 0
КП: 0.000
Очень похоже, что конец.

madgold вне форума  
Старый 16.02.2007, 09:14
Регистрация: 16.11.2006
Сообщений: 23
Благодарностей: 2
УГ: 0
КП: 0.000
Админ таки объявился на ммг.ком и сказал не сцать.
О, и сайт заработал

Последний раз редактировалось madgold; 16.02.2007 в 09:21.
madgold вне форума  
Старый 13.03.2007, 11:22
Главный модератор
Главные модераторы
Имя: Игорь
Пол: Мужской
Возраст: 51
Регистрация: 16.10.2006
Сообщений: 19,355
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УГ: 11
награды Волшебный горшочек Ветеран MMGP.RU 
Последнее сообщение от админа:

"Whats Up!
So Jp is a bit ****** at the moment. It sounds hurrendous and you're all thinking this is just another scam and whatever. But actually its not that bad and will get fixed surprisingly quickly with a little cooperation.

The JP deposits are as good as all gone. There is something left but really nothing of any worthwhile value.

Now for the why and then what we're going to do about it to get it all back and then to continue to making you your fortunes.

Your money has not been stolen. Quite the opposite in fact; I tried to make too much for you and as per usual it has backfired. Idiot!

What happened is during September/October we were playing as we should using 5% each day and winning and losing as it happened. Then things started to get good, we grew a whole heap and the returns were really good - especially with that big massive one in September. Then I was on a bit of a roll and then I ran into a 5% loss, but for some stupid reason I didn't want to announce this loss. As JP was just getting good, lots of new members were piling in - and I didn't want to stop that. So rather than just announce the loss and start over the next day; I would of announced a nominal return of 1% or whatever and then the next day I tried to win back some/all of that 5% loss and return another nominal return. (As basically I didn't want to return a loss).

Anyway, so over the period of ******* ages... This just got worse and worse and I dug JP into a deeper and deeper hole simply by not following my one and only rule for JP.
Which is crazy; as JP was a sure fire thing to make millions - and I had such a simple task to do in order to successfully achieve that objective. And I still managed to **** it up lol. Brilliant lol.

Then we really got stuck, didn't even realise quite how deep we were in until a month or two back. Which was when I started trialing ideas to fix the situation... But they either didn't work or were interrupted / cut short by our domain name being stolen, e-gold account access problems and then the last 2 weeks of hosting problems has completely finished us off. Perhaps its for the best - as we might not have resolved the situation at all and just dug myself into an even deeper hole.

But now I can come clean and show you the situation and together we can resolve it a whole heap better than me just doing it on my own behind your back.

And the funny thing is - I am not an entirely bad poker player. For sure am not the best; as no doubt you will be the first to point out that I have lost the best part of $500k lol (although when you are playing at $20k and $40k tables each day; its not actually a lot to lose [or its certainly not difficult to do], just 13 to 20 times your bank roll over the course of 6months). So its not an impossible feat.

As I do win very frequently and I can turn a small amount of money into a whole heap (just the other week; I made +100k profit over the course of a few days - and we were well on our way to becoming completely liquid again --- But on the few occasions I do decide to lose I manage to do so quite spectacularly! (Its not that I lose frequently; its just when I do lose - I ******* lose everything! Thus the reason for creating the 5% hedge rule)

If only I could listen to my own advice and/or be in the position where JP is entirely liquid and I can simply follow the 5% rule (as that rule sort of goes out the window when you aren't liquid / have already broken the rule once and are now trying to fix your previous mistake).

**Also to note; a lot of you noticed are general decline in returns from August, September through Christmas, and then to our lowest in January/February. This is because we stopped with the 5% daily thing sometime in October. From then on we were just trying to fix ourself.

As with a 5% hedge at poker; One double up means that its a +5% daily return; then on a good day like that day in september where you win a few times. It soon mounts up to absolute silly money / huge return!
So if we ******* stuck to the rules the returns would be unbelievable. I just need to get my head around announcing losses - which for some stupid reason I didn't like doing (and couldn't do!). Sore loser I guess!

Also; the whole way through JP-Daily I was trying to get you all to invest sensibly. As many of my "fixing plans" involved making enough money each day to pay the daily withdrawal requests... and if I could just keep that up each day (which was achieveable) and you all invested sensibly and tried to get your principle out at a reasonable time. Things would of been good - and then eventually most of you would have been in an overall profit anyway and we wouldn't be in this mess! lol. But you ****ers are just too damn greedy and no matter how much I said it; you just compounded and compounded lol.

So thats more or less the why of our current situation.

So now... what we're going to do to fix the situation:

I am doing two things; im setting up a refund initiative to clear your account balances and also creating another hyip that will simply stick to the rules.

REFUND INITIATIVE (Starts April 6th)

To do this; I am going to require a small contribution from those of you wanting a refund and using that small amount of capital I am going to aim to make just $2000 per day through poker. Sounds a lot and also sounds a little... But this is what I know I can do - and over the course of 1 year this $2000 per day will refund everyone at JP-Daily.

So to get your refund (if you want one) you will need to make a deposit equal to 25% of your account balance. Deposit by e-gold, e-bullion or bank wire (forms / details will come in April when we start this)
This will then add you to the refund queue; and as soon as the money is made you will be refunded your entire JP-Daily balance + this refund deposit back to your deposit method (e-gold account, bank account or e-bullion account).

Then we will just work down the refund queue refunding one person after another until they are all done. So the sooner you join the queue the quicker you will be refunded.

I realise many people will think oh this is just another scam or attempt to get even more of your money. So feel free to wait a while, let other people submit their refund requests and when you see them being refunded; join the queue. We will be making $2000 daily; so we will eat through this refund queue really quite quickly. So it shouldn't too bad!

[Links for making your refund deposit, viewing the refund queue and viewing your JP-Daily account balances will be shown here from April 6th]


In April I will launch a new hyip.. I won't hide the fact that I am running it and it will be an automated website with manual withdrawal procedures and verficiation. (Its a very nice script that is working well for a friend of mine who is about to steal a ******* fortune from you all. But I will stick to failing miserably at trying something real than just stealing your money straight off the bat lol!)

Anyway; so this hyip...
It will essentially be a variable daily hyip with a 5% hedge (same as JP). It will have an automated back office system for you to check your accounts make your deposits & withdrawals. It will have a very nice referral commission program (probably the same as our original 10% profit share setup) and the minimum investment will be tiny ($1 probably; as its automated it won't matter).
Then it will just do as it says on the tin and we should see some huge returns again - now that we're sticking to the 5% hedge and not playing catch up!

But I am going to build in some sort of system or practice that proves 100% liquidity every month or every other month. Also with weekly screenshots of various accounts / statistics to also show you that we are completely liquid etc etc.
And this time I will drill the message into your heads to invest sensibly! And hopefully you will do it this time. So that way we have a water tight investment opportunity that should work ******* brilliantly!

But details of the new hyip will be posted here once its made and online. (April sometime)


So that is that. Looks a mess now; but it will get fixed in a real hurry starting April. I am taking one month off as I need a break. Then in April I will be back, fresh and ready to go again! Then sort out this mess, grow the next Jp program like this one should of. And we will make a hyip that ******* works! It can be done; I'll show you. Even if you don't want to take part - you'll see!

Please spare me your comments and feedback as I am really not interested in hearing how I have ****** up. I know exactly what I have done and I know exactly how to fix it. So if you want to cooperate with me then I promise you will get a refund and/or if you partake in the new hyip - I guarantee that you will be taking part in an honest setup that abides by the rules it sets down. And as a result will hopefully be very profitable again.
Will be fun to get back to the big honest returns again rather than 1% daily bull**** fix-it returns!

So that's all for now.
Email and questions to

*Note that the refunds process isn't going to begin until April. You cannot make your 25% deposit until April. So don't ask about that. This page will be updated again on April 6th ish with the deposit forms for you to make your 25% refund deposits and we'll begin then!

*I am not going to reply to bull**** questions; read this page over and over until you understand. Then only if you have a sensible and worthwhile question email me. But don't moan and don't ask silly and un-necessary questions.

Page last updated: February 26th
Next due update: April 6th (when all the refund stuff will begin & the new hyip arrives)"
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