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Старый 03.11.2008, 17:42
Пол: Мужской
Адрес: C:\Russia
Регистрация: 06.02.2007
Сообщений: 1,935
Благодарностей: 295
УГ: 0
КП: 0.000
Автор темы Ответ: Surf2Sawa -

Пока заканчивать не собираюсь.
Date: November, 02 2008 11:41:04 AM
Sender Name: Surf 2 Sawa
Sender Email:
Message: referral comissions

View the details of this transaction by logging into your AlertPay account.

NovaRadio - Радио PRO кино и телесериалы - о кино и сериалах на доступном языке
Alyery вне форума  
Старый 07.11.2008, 20:01
Пол: Мужской
Адрес: C:\Russia
Регистрация: 06.02.2007
Сообщений: 1,935
Благодарностей: 295
УГ: 0
КП: 0.000
Автор темы Ответ: Surf2Sawa -

The past 2 and a half months have been a wonderful experience. S2S has
Created a great time with many people. I have enjoyed running this site and
Have learned and grown a great deal.

Those who have known me for some time know that know I have always put the
Cards on the table and never held back anything good or bad. I have always
Make great pride on myself to be as honest and honorable as I could. Now I
Am going to continue with the honesty.

I have done all that I can do to make a great and wonderful
Site. That is why it makes this a very sad thing that I am trying to say
Here. The time is upon us that we will be putting an end to S2S. But this
Is not an end like you would normally think of in the AS industry.

I have discussed in depth the state of S2S with some extremely knowledgeable
Veterans and have decided that if we do this now we will be able to emerge
As a victory for all. Here is what we have decided to do.

First I will disable upgrades. There will not be allowed any new spends.
Second I will be capping the maximum earnings for everyone to 125%(members
Will need t continue to surf as before if not yet at the cap of 125%)
Third I will be investing the funds that I currently have to get the funds
To pay out everyone.
Fourth payouts will be at the end of November into December.( hope before
Christmas al will be fully paid out.)
Fifth I will give members that are willing to just emerge with their capital
Paid first.
Sixth if after everyone is paid and members wish me to I will discuss new
Options for the continuance of surf2sawa.

I know there will people that are upset but none more then me. Running a
Site was never my goal and I thought I could do it, and I think I did well.

I have seen several members who are paid many times and large amounts not
Supporting us in forums, while they are heavily promoting and posting other
Sites in the same forums. While I was making between 30-40 payments daily it
Was sad to see the same people not sharing for us but posting things such as
Smooth surf as always in others. I will not point fingers or call names, as it is not the time nor
The place for that. What is past is past. Lets look to the future.

I have even tried to run the promotion and referral contests but there was
Just little interest. I have offered the exchange service and was vastly
Copied by other sites. I even offered domain services which will still be

Dispite this sad sad sad time I do belive that I have had some of the best
Members and I belive that together we can overcome this hurdle.

If members have any ideas or suggestions that would allow us to continue as is, please now is your time to speak up.

So just to recap what is been said, and as sad as it is. I will be stopping new upgrades, capping all earnings to 125% reinvesting all my current funds to be sure to be able to pay by the end of November into December. Members not at 125% will continue to surf till they reach 125%, also members who wish to just emerge with their capital only will be paid off first, and can e-mail me directly

As well i am on yahoo joecoolpanda for anyone who wish to chat.

Грубо говоря, программа закрыта.

NovaRadio - Радио PRO кино и телесериалы - о кино и сериалах на доступном языке
Alyery вне форума  
Старый 07.11.2008, 22:34
Пол: Женский
Возраст: 36
Инвестирую в: Автосерфинг
Регистрация: 27.09.2007
Сообщений: 2,607
Благодарностей: 111
УГ: 0
КП: 0.000
Ответ: Surf2Sawa -

Вот так то вот! Админ мошенник собрал миллион. ну не менее 50 тысяч уж точно. Сомневаюсь что кто-то получит какие-то 125%. тему в скам
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Ciara вне форума  
Старый 08.11.2008, 08:03
Пол: Мужской
Инвестирую в: HYIP Фонды
Регистрация: 30.10.2008
Сообщений: 108
Благодарностей: 12
УГ: 0
КП: 0.000
Ответ: Surf2Sawa -

Ну мало ли, вдруг действительно честный одмин...
Надежда умирает последней...

Отписал админу письмо с просьбой вернуть депо, посмотрим что ответит..
На MMG говорят что вроде возвращает депо по просьбе...

Последний раз редактировалось dizzykar; 08.11.2008 в 09:32.
dizzykar вне форума  
Старый 08.11.2008, 17:45
Пол: Мужской
Инвестирую в: любую авантюру
Регистрация: 20.03.2008
Сообщений: 1,036
Благодарностей: 60
УГ: 0
КП: 0.085
Ответ: Surf2Sawa -

Получил сегодня. Извините, нет времени переводить (нахожусь на работе)

I want to take a moment to clear things up.

First I want to thank everyone of the still great things that are being said

Second I want to make sure that everyone is clear the way things will happen

Form here. On out.

1) no upgrades are being taken at this time.
2) no payments will be made till end of November and continue into December
Until everyone is paid.
3) When Pay outs start I will then again offer those who wish to be paid
Just their investments returned the option to be paid first.
4) then I will make payments to all remaining upgrades up to 125%

Now there are some things that people will need to keep in mind.

A) If your upgrade was made from October 25 till this decision was made
Based of the sites terms when you make this deposit, upgraded ad packs only
Earned for time upgrade status was maintained which lasted of 25 days, then
3-5 business DAys o receive payment would put you due your payment around
November 25th ( which is around the time payments will be made.)
B) The site is still functional and surfing will need to continue for those
Members who are not yet to 125%.
C) I have no other site that I am involved in and I am not have any plans to

Start a new site. S2S will emerge form this and at the time it does I will
Let members know what is planned at that time.

So to recap, This is more or less only effecting upgrades that were made
Before October 25, no payments are going to be made till end of November,
And no other site am I working on.

Please feel free to contact me if you have specific questions. You can send
Me e-mail to or you can add em on yahoo joecoolpanda

rasimsh вне форума  
Старый 08.11.2008, 18:20
Пол: Мужской
Регистрация: 18.12.2006
Сообщений: 2,364
Благодарностей: 511
УГ: 0
КП: 0.000
награды Ветеран MMGP.RU 
Ответ: Surf2Sawa -

Переношу в закрытые.
Patrol вне форума  
Старый 01.12.2008, 21:01
Пол: Мужской
Инвестирую в: HYIP Фонды
Регистрация: 30.10.2008
Сообщений: 108
Благодарностей: 12
УГ: 0
КП: 0.000
Ответ: Surf2Sawa -

Вроде начал платить потихоньку, кто-нибудь получал?
dizzykar вне форума  
Старый 27.01.2009, 23:58
Пол: Мужской
Возраст: 32
Адрес: Украина
Регистрация: 26.12.2008
Сообщений: 200
Благодарностей: 33
УГ: 0
КП: 0.000
Ответ: Surf2Sawa -

получил сегодня последнюю выплату, со мной админ расплатился.. хотя и долговато ждал, но все-таки получил свое и плюс 25%
Date: January, 27 2009 9:18:07 AM
Amount Sent: $350.00 USD
Sender Name: Surf 2 Sawa
Sender Email: surf2sawa @
Reference Number: 89B8E-0FFA5-68C84,
Message: s2s payment
-max- вне форума  
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