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6 Star Travel Club - Make $10,000 over and over again!

6 Star Travel Club have just launched their new Plan A. Positions are selling like wildfire. Nitys had the opportunity to get in early and help get our team in with us.

This is a 2x3 forced matrix. All the members in a board help each other. Out of 15 people in a matrix, whoever recruits, helps out the whole board to cycle through.

We must warn you, this is really moving fast. People have already started to cycle and earn. It is vital to join now if you are considering it.


The Admin is a very experienced person in this business and already established himself by launching plan B on 8th November. Our upline is in direct touch with the Admin and both are from Australia.
Some great teams across the globe are already promoting Plan B, there is a big team in Nigeria having 3 presentations a week for straight 8 weeks and big teams from India are promoting it, besides other teams from America and Europe


Travel Package service is the product and since it is in prelaunch the service is yet to be added, you can see more about 6startravelclub at http://6startravelclub.com/ You can learn about Plan B there and since Plan A is expected to be launched this week, you can see the plan added to the site in due course of time


Plan A is 2 x 3 matrix (totaling 15 people) of two boards
That is first level is one person (Yourself), 2nd level are two persons (Direct Referrals), 3rd level are 4 persons and 4th level are 8 persons, and this constitutes one board and when this board fills up the first person at the top (Yourself) cycles and moves to board 2 at the bottom and two persons in level 2 move to top of board 1 ready to cycle and move to board 2 to join their sponsor.

This way the process keeps going on and on and one eventually cycles from board 2 also.


Joining is a one time fee of $200 by Egold or $200 plus 10% service charge by Credit Card


On cycling board 1, one gets $200 and on cycling board 2 a whopping $10,000 and a free entry in board 1 to cycle up and earn $10k AGAIN!!!, all for a one time fee of $200

Here is an example of the board:

Join now and make $10,000!!!!

I have already made $10,000 once and I am soon going to make ANOTHER $10,000!

Join me and lets get rich together!!!
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Автор темы FREE POSITIONS!!!

Hi guys,

I've got some great offers for anyone wanting to get in on 6 Star Travel Club PLAN A but can't. I'm giving away FREE positions and Positions at 50% off!!

Offer 1) Purchase a 6 Star Travel position/membership at $100 instead of the normal $200 price! That's 50% off!

Offer 2) Get a FREE position/membership in 6 Star Travel! All you have to do is refer 2 other people who get in with you for the normal $200 price.

Offer 3) Get a FREE position/membership in 6 Star Travel! All you have to do is refer 4 other people who get in with you with my discounted offer of $100 for each of their position. So all 4 of them will be saving $100 on their position, and you get a FREE position too!

Offer 4) Get a normal Position/Membership in 6 Star Travel and get another FREE! This will be added under you, so you will have your first referral once joining already!

Also apart from that I got more great news with this offer:
- Anyone who joins these offers will be added to the 2x2 Team's team build!
- And apart from that, all these positions will be entered into the system on NIL, so basically you will be getting your first ref from the next person that takes up the offer

So to summarize you will be getting a GREAT offer on your position, be added to a teambuild and also get the next person who takes up this offer under you as a referral!


Anyone can take up anyone of these offers, new or existing members of 6 Star.

Just send me a pm or email me on admin@nitysnetwork.com


PS - And if you're worried about my sincerity, just ask anyone of the senior members here. I'm also a moderator on the official 6 star travel forum and have direct contact with the admin Darcy.
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