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The Online Ad Network - $0,25c to try and $88k residual monthly! - Paypal/EG/AP

I received a mail from my upline that this program justlaunched and it is from Brian Rooney of TrafficWave fame, (a eight year old paying company) and if it is really so we all will be in the very early stage.

Also we have to pay only $0.25 for the first five days, and after that it is $19.95 per month, so we can really lock in our position and we have 5 days to ascertain if it is really worth it

We are really at he top of matrix.

Click here to Join

This is the mail I got from my upline

Hi All,

Last night Linda Acosta, you all know her from the Bigorilla site,
told me that they started a new separate program.

The owner is Brian Rooney of TrafficWave !!

This program is called:

The Online Network

JOIN NOW before you will lose your position, you have 5 days to think about it for just low as $ 0.25 !!

After the 5 days, you need to pay $ 19.95 a month.
You can quit any time you want, BUT..........


Remember, BRAIN ROONEY of TRAFFIC WAVE is the owner and you all know that he is doing great, BUT
also Linda Acosta is Involved and she wrote me this a couple of minutes ago:

Linda: If you have anyone in your group who wants to come in
May I suggest doing it fast because I have a ton of people coming in
ik: Ok Im already talking about it!!

You will get PAID to Advertise!!

So dont think but JOIN!!

The Online Network

To OUR Success !!

Lots of Regards,
xxxxxx(my upline)

This is the compensation plan:
Lvl D.Line Payment per D/line member
2 9 $1.00
3 27 $1.00
4 81 $1.00
5 243 $1.00
6 729 $1.00
7 2,187 $1.00
8 6,561 $1.00
9 19,683 $1.00
10 59,049 $1.00
Total: 88,572 $88,589.25

So basically join for the first 5 days and it will cost $0.25c only. Build your downline. If after 5 days you are not satisfied with your downline, just cancel your subscription. If you are happy, then you can continue and pay the $19.95 and earn a monthly residual income. Remember these are monthly figures!

Payments can be made by Paypal, AlertPay or E-Gold.

Click here to Join
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