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Раздел о заработке на криптовалюте, инвестировании, торговле и прочие инструменты инвестирования в криптовалюту.
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Комплекс Стратегических Бизнес Проектов предназначен для полноценного обеспечения «под ключ» основных этапов Создания, Развития и Вывода новой Криптовалюты на достойный уровень в мировых рейтингах сегмента. Со всеми вытекающими из этого и прилагающимися к единому большому тренду Процессами.

Мы не только организуем под ключ КРИПТО ФЕРМЫ ПО САМОМУ НИЗКОМУ УРОВНЮ ЦЕН В МИРЕ (без ущерба, не выкраивая финансы за счёт ударов по качеству ресурсов), но ещё и ОБЕСПЕЧИВАЕМ УВЕРЕННЫЙ РОСТ ЛИКВИДНОСТИ ФИНАНСОВОГО ИНСТРУМЕНТА за счёт естественного стабильного увеличения спроса и потребности в новой криптовалюте среди населения планеты.

Обеспечение распространения фин инструмента за счёт выполнения комплекса Бизнес Планов, каждый из которых проверен нами в условиях решения реальных бизнес задач и показал превосходные результаты.

Общая информация предоставлена ниже. Заинтересованных в сотрудничестве просьба связаться по контактам указанным в завершении описания.



We provide a full cycle of organization processes in Establishing Crypto Mining Farms.
There's quite a large list of processes and services that we do.
A comparative example, I can give the following figures:
BITMAIN.Com - the only one in the world manufacturer and supplier of the General Equipment for Crypto Mining - MINERS.

We have special agreements and relationships with this Organization. And we can supply this equipment at a price lower by $100-$200 than any other supplier and even the Manufacturer itself.

The crypto-farm and its own crypto-currency - industrial scales of business in Principles.
And Large volumes of Equipment, purchased from us, are showing Factual difference with real Savings, and this difference is very very significant...

Some of Main Terms: Place Order for Crypto-Miners with our Alliance.
MOQ = 200 Items / 1 model
Payment: USD wire / BCH
Payment Conditions: Invoice date + 3 days (Invoice Valid Period)
Shipment from HongKong, “door to door” service.
Loading in 20 Days after get Payment 100%TT.

And so, at this stage We are Establishing for You the Manufacture of New Generation. Your Own warehouse for 2-3 thousands sq.m.
And inside - Your Own Financial Business In a unique sphere, Extremely Profitable and Maximum Potential Business Field for the next 50-70 years.



Mass introduction of currency into everyday use of tens of millions of people. Implementation through integration into the existing daily needs of the people of Asia.
Turns the currency into the top 3 world ranking in two years.
The number of new customers of the system is nearly 7,000,000 Peoples for a period of 2 years from the moment the Project will be launched.
The Strategy was successfully tested.
The required Amount of Financing: $ 347,000.
The Launch Period: 2 Months.
Terms of ROI: up to 3 Months.
(Strategy unpublished and keeping in Confidentiality).

This is primarily a hedging tool for the Organization.
The number of clients - about 5,000,000 peoples for three years.
The required Amount of Financing: $ 150,000 (+$15,000 Monthly).
The Launch Period: 2-5 Months.
Terms of ROI: 3-6 Months.

This is awesome, massive collection of investment capital from private and corporate persons among the population of countries around the World.
The required Amount of Financing: $120,000 (+$20,000 Monthly).
The Launch Period: 2 Months.
Terms of ROI: 1 Week-1 Months.

4. Complete of Databases (Clients/Partners) by Company’s Request
Collection of databases with any of segment of potential Clients/Partners of the Company.
The required Amount of Financing: $300 - $4,000.
The Launch Period: 1-11 Days.
Terms of ROI: 1-2 Days (because of Point 5).

5. Launch Mass Marketing Campaigns (emails)
Mass informing of millions Individuals/Corporations from databases (Item 4) about products / services / offers of the Company
Required Amount of Financing:
$ 900 - $ 1,100 - PLAN "START" (up to 30,000 contacts)
$ 1,200 - $ 1,900 - PLAN "MEDIUM" (30,000 - 220,000)
$ 2,200 - $ 3,700 - PLAN "PRO" (230,000 - 1,200,000)
$ 4,200 - $ 11,900 - PLAN "STREAM" (from 1,500,000 to 14,000,000)
The Launch Period: 1-7 Days.
Terms of ROI: 1 Day.

6. «SAMAC» - Solution You Need Today.*

We offer «SAMAC» - System of Automation Massive Attraction of Clients (Partners). It’s complex of simple actions, which we setup and develop by individual order and according to individual requests and needs of certain Financial Organizations.

«SAMAC» is a unique thing. It allows you:
+ To Save up to 82% of the Working Processes Time.
+ To Save up to 98% of the Your Own Time.
+ To Reduce the number of employees.
+ To Reduce to zero errors and the human factor.
+ To Save a huge Budget and Funds.
+ To Develop any Project or Business, instant setup the SYSTEM of SALES.
+ To Use with any product in any region.
+ To Get Increases of the Result/Profit in thousands times.

Massive Inflow Qualitative Perfomance with zero Expenses - Exact explanation of «SAMAC» - Our Offer for You and for Your Company.

«SAMAC» can be used in two ways:
1. By the company itself
2. By the participants/clients/partners of the company to attract new participants/clients/partners.

Point number 1 for young Companies, for Start-Ups:
Instant set of necessary mass/numbers of customers and push ahead transition of the Business to the Second Stage of Development.

The Second Point for developed Companies and Businesses:
«SAMAC» is Tool for Existed Clients/Participants/Partners of Your Business. Give this Tool to them, and:*
+ They will remain Yours forever (Because no one is helping them to make money so easy, only You and Your Company)
+ Each of thousands of these people (existing clients/partners/participants) will attract to Your Company/for Your Business hundreds of thousands of new Clients/Partners more. Just using «SAMAC».

You just need to relax, to monitor and control all these processes...
... and getting much more money and income from Your Business whomever you getting now without such Unique and Useful Business Solution - without «SAMAC».

The required Amount of Financing: $130,000-$240,000.
The Launch Period: 1 Month.
Terms of ROI: Immediately, start from 2nd week of Launching Period.

(Strategy unpublished. Today Project «SAMAC» is carried out by us according to the Order from Founders of one of the Crypto-Financial Organization).

We are not only setting up for you a super profitable modern business on a turn-key basis. But We also doing One of the most important things: We provide full support at all Stages of the Development of Your Financial Capitals, Your Future Financial Organization and Your Powerful with Influence In the World.

I can say with certainty that you will not be able to meet such an unique and attractive offer at present Days except as with us.

Thanks for Your attention and look forward to Your timely reply.

Best Regards,
Ivan-Asia, Co-Founder of Group of Companies
“Oriental Business Alliance Co.,LTD”
+84 1264162111 / +1 9513632533
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