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Обсуждаем пулы для майнинга, делимся плюсами и минусами, рассказываем кто ворует монеты, а кто дает бонусы, все что связано с пулами в этом разделе.
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Wattum is a private North American mining pool, one of the most profitable Ethereum pools and the official member of Blockchain & Crypto Mining Association.

WATTUM mining pool is a necessary tool for profitable crypto mining. Since its beta launch in October 2018, our pool’s performance was up to 15% more profitable compared to at least 5 world competitors. Today, they have more than 70 industrial mining companies.

In addition to technical support, we provide high-quality customer service at every stage of cooperation. Our business strategy is based provide the best services and profit for our clients. It allows our customers to be among the first to receive information from regulators and work with a reliable and transparent pool.

Join us:

👉 Feel free to ask any questions: @arseniygrusha

✅Our official website:
✅Telegram channel
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