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Initial Coin Offer. Криптовалютный краудфандинг, Предстоящие и проходящие ICO
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[ANN] [ICO] United Crypto Systems

UniCSystems - United Crypto Systems


Rating of our ico from various experts

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The United Crypto System is an unique Blockchain-based system that combines three key elements:
UCS Gambling (Cryptocurrency Casino) UCS Dapps (Game Applications) UCS Bet (Sports Betting)
Thus, the platform will provide access to the three most popular destinations in the niche, using a single cryptocurrency and wallet.
In addition, the United Crypto System is an unique system, the first and only in the world, which will bring dividends to each investor


Token Distribution

Development of the United Crypto System will be funded by private-selling tokens and IEO.
Stage Private-sale will last 7 days or until the sale of the designated number of tokens.

✳️ 5% - Team
20% - Operating
5% - Administration
25% - Marketing
45% - Development

Quote from: Admin
Friends for 1 year we have been preparing the launch of our project, now we are ready to share with you the idea that will change the gambling industry. 
We have created a completely unique product in which everyone can invest. Remember the name of our company because it can make you richer!

Get more information about us then we are waiting for you on our WEBSITE!

18.12.2019 Friends, we have good news. At icobench we received high marks from experts. Come and see -
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